Kate Dimbleby - Singer & Performer

Emma came along at a perfect time for me, allowing me to analyse the areas of admin and organisation that were taking time away from the creative side of my work.  By taking that on with such a proactive and super efficient spirit, I was able to concentrate on what I do best.  Having worked alone for many years, it has been a great boost to have her working away quietly on side, always ready with suggestions to make things work better or move forward.

Caroline Goyder - Voice Coach

Emma’s support is fundamental to the growth of my business. She has a uniquely brilliant combination of skills. She is a highly organised, flexible, collaborative project manager with an eagle-eye for the detail.  This, combined with her talent for marketing and PR skills, and her ability to tackle complex projects with vision, verve and creative thinking makes her a huge asset to any SME.  She has made a massive difference since she started supporting me and I wholeheartedly recommend her work.

Suzy Greaves - Editor of Psychologies Magazine & Life Coach

Emma is supportive, kind and efficient.  She organises my events for me so I can get on with what I’m good at.  She saves me so much time and energy.  Everyone should have an Emma Coxon in their life!

Louise Presley-Turner - Business Coach

I absolutely love working with Emma, her support is invaluable. Having Emma’s help over the last year has enabled me to take my business to the next level and also allows me far more quality time with my family. Thank you Emma, you really are a star!


Leanne Spencer & Antonia Bannasch - Founders Bodyshot Performance Limited®

Deciding to take Emma on as our VA has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for a while. It has freed us both up to focus on running our business, not getting involved in the detail of it. We can make the most of our time, confident that Emma is handling the other aspects of our business which are very important, but don’t require us as Founders to be involved. Initially, I didn't think I'dd have much for her to do but within two months we’d doubled our hours, and I can see that growing again soon. I think any serious business owner or entrepreneur should be using the services of a VA, otherwise you’re just responding to the next thing that comes through the door, and not operating strategically. Talk to Emma!

Suzanne Wylde - Owner of Revive Stretching and Therapy

After a sudden increase in business due to more exposure in the press, I found I could not keep up with the influx of enquires and bookings that needed to be made as well as doing my work.  I managed to find Emma on-line and after a chat on the phone I knew she was the right person to support me as I grew my business.  Having her take care of the admin so I can concentrate on the nitty gritty has freed me up mentally, emotionally and time-wise and I have more energy and peace of mind to focus on the things that matter.  I know she will be considerate and polite to my clients and extend the same professionalism and courtesy to them that I do.  She has made the process of learning my business and fitting into it seem effortless, but I am sure it was not.  If you need support I highly recommend Emma and you will find out why I have saved her on my phone as Emma My Saviour.

Stephanie Harrison - Personal Growth Entrepreneur

I am so grateful that I found Emma.  She has made an amazing difference to my business - and dramatically reduced my stress levels and work load.  She has made it possible for me to concentrate on the things that I enjoy doing and leaving the multitude of administrative tasks to her.   I had never had a VA before and am not a technically minded person so was not sure how it would all work out.  But having worked with Emma for almost 3 years I cannot imagine how I would manage without her. What she can achieve in half hour would take me all day! She is incredibly efficient and multi skilled. She deals directly with my clients, over sees the various routine weekly and monthly tasks involved in running my business and also happily takes on specific projects from PR for promoting my app to helping me run my on-line training courses.

Claire, Dominic & Ben - Temple Field Property

Emma has been an absolute godsend for Temple Field Property. She picked up our systems quickly and without fuss, and has taken over many important admin jobs, leaving us free to find and refurbish investment properties for our clients and generate all-important new business. Emma just gets on with it - she is professional, friendly, and reliable, and invariably achieves a huge amount in a short space of time. It’s great knowing we only pay for the hours we use, which is perfect for a small business with limited resources. We definitely think of Emma as a part of the team - we don’t know what we’d do without her! 

Anna Keeble - Personal Trainer and Founder Gazelle Partners

Emma is an absolute star and has been a huge support to Gazelle Partners as we move from a start up to a more established business. Her organisation, efficiency and initiative has had a significant impact on easing our admin burden at a critical time in our development. We initially thought Emma could just help us on a short term project but we have been so impressed and have such trust in her that we are not going to want to let her go! Emma is a delight to work with and I cannot recommend her more highly.


Lizzie Edwards - Personal Stylist

Emma is a brilliant VA. She is super organised and efficient with her time, I just don’t know how she accomplishes so much!  She is also such fun, a really lovely person to deal with, and with very high integrity; so important when finding someone to work with closely in your own small business.
I have recommended Emma to friends, clients and contacts who were looking for admin and project management help, with great success, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Tamsin Wigley - Founder ITCH Agency Ltd

"Assistant Guru has been a god send over the last couple of years. The efficiency, ease and friendly manner they carry everything out with was brilliant. It is such a treat to know that they are behind you, supporting you, catching some balls and reminding you of what you should be doing and when for me personally was invaluable amid a hectic work and home life.  I highly recommend them and the fact that I have never met them face to face doesn’t matter a jot!"

Robert Fallon - Founder Wildnature

I couldn’t recommend Emma more highly. I have thoroughly appreciated her input and efforts into my business. She is always there if I really need it, and always has a positive can do attitude. Professional service with passion and creativity!


Jemima Carter, Positive Living & Sunshine Yoga

It has been such a relief to be working with someone who understands the way a heart-led business works and can balance that with superb organisation and efficiency. From excel accounts to social media, Emma has it all under control with a light touch and is an absolute pleasure to work with – which has given me more time to work on my businesses instead of getting waylaid with admin. For conscious entrepreneurs Assistant Guru has the perfect combination of skill, professionalism and heart to guarantee excellent results for your business.

Sarah Gilfillan - Personal Shopper and Stylist

I used Emma to help me with some marketing work that I'd been putting off forever.  She did it enthusiastically, and was super organised, fast and efficient. She always did things when she said she would and kept me updated on everything she'd done.  It was such a relief to be able to cross all those things off my to do list and if I have any other projects In future I will definitely use her again.  She was recommended to me, and I would definitely recommend her to others.

Hilary Lewis Ruttley - Yoga Teacher, Creative Director & Barrister

Emma is someone I feel privileged to have working with me.  Multi-talented, she is a superb organiser, writer and techno-whizz.   With a lovely, warm, sunny personality, she also understands, fundamentally, both the business angle and the ethos of my yoga practice. Emma has extensive professional experience of businesses in the holistic, complementary and natural products field.  She also embraces personally and with considerable knowledge, connected interests and activities.  It is a joy to have this unusual combination and someone who understands the strictures and opportunities of a small business. My business is not a desk job and it is vital that someone is at “base camp” to handle administration, preparation, follow-up and the running of events as well as enquiries and the multitude of tasks, social media etc.  I simply do not have the time to do  –  nor frankly, am I any good at. Emma has my total trust.  I know she will pay great attention to detail, manage her time well and provide excellent suggestions for efficient working.  She has also produced excellent and attractive documentation when creative presentations and images are needed. Altogether? Quite fabulous (and fun!)